Memorials for Japan lovers

Anyone can have one in Japan

Have any of these questions?


Can we have a ceremony at the memorial?


Are your services only for believers of a certain religion?


Can I receive contract documents and services in a language of my choice?


Can my family view the memorial online from abroad?


Yes. We offer a ceremony with flowers.


No. Anyone can use our services.

Yes. Any language is OK.

No, but we can visit the memorial on your behalf and send photos. Please contact us for details.

About Nokotsubo

Nokotsubo offers collective memorials (columbaria) containing cremation urns.

As of April 2021, we have 205 sites nationwide.
We plan to open more sites in the future so customers have more choices throughout Japan.



498,000 yen or more per standard collective memorial

  • One to five people per memorial
  • No burden on future generations
  • Easily accessible urban location
  • No visiting hour restrictions since located outdoors


3,980 yen/month per standard memorial compartment

  • No initial fee
  • Monthly credit card payment possible
  • No extra fee per person
  • Cancel any time
  • Easily accessible urban location
  • No visiting hour restrictions since located outdoors

Service flow

We offer total support for setting up memorials in Japan. Please feel free to contact us any time.

  1. Inquiries

    Contact us by phone or email.

  2. Site visit

    We guide you from the nearest airport to the site.

  3. Application

    Prepare the necessary documents.

  4. Contract and payment

    Choose your preferred payment method.

  5. Cremation

    We place the cremation urn in the memorial.

Frequently asked questions

Can I own a memorial in Japan even though I'm not a Japanese citizen?
Anyone can own one.
Is it possible to include a compartment for a nonfamily member?
Yes. Friends and coworkers can share a memorial.
Can you bury a body without cremation?
Sorry, but no.
How are the facilities managed?
Our local staff members operate and manage the facilities.
Can I bring the contents of the memorial to my own country later?
Yes, after closing the memorial down.
Is there any possibility the facility will be relocated?

About Us

Company name
Nokotsubo Co., Ltd.
Representative director
Yasutaka Nagata
March 4, 2016
Head office
3-13-14 Himonya, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0003
Planning, production and sales of merchandise related to Buddhist events.
Sale of Buddhist altar fittings. Eitai Kuyo services (eternal memorial services).
Operation and management of collective memorials containing cremation urns.
Consultation for temples.